As one of the first Hollywood celebrities to vocally support President Donald Trump, Antonio Sabato Jr. even spoke on his behalf at the 2016 Republican National Convention — but he said after that, his career began to suffer.

On Thursday, Sabato sat down at the table with the ladies on ABC’s “The View” to discuss his run for Congress in California.

Meghan McCain introduced her former colleague:

“I remember working with you at Fox, but you were always a big Trump supporter from the beginning. And what was it about President Trump that, originally, that you liked so much about him, and what do you think his biggest accomplishment is so far?”

Sabato’s response made it clear he would have respected the office of the president no matter who had won — but he was clearly convinced the right person had gotten the job:

“I think it’s important to put the country and American people first, and I believe that’s what we need right now. I support any president because I want the best for this country. I love my community. That’s why I’m running for Congress, to make a difference. The American people come first in my book, and I believe that this president put the American people first and the military first and our veterans first. Yeah.”

Sabato also noted that, following his speech at the RNC, his career had taken a sharply negative turn. Jobs that were already lined up suddenly vanished into thin air, agents and managers stopped returning phone calls, and the work just began to dry up.

But Sabato wasn’t letting it get him down:

“I understand about being blacklisted … My mother escaped the Russians in the Czech Republic. I’m half Czech. I’m actually an Italian Jew.

My grandmother escaped the Holocaust in Auschwitz, and my family died there. So we understand how that works, and I got it. And when I got back to Los Angeles, it was like, it’s happening to me — but it made me a better person.”

His final assessment said it all: “I have God on my side, and I’m full of love, and listen, I’m here with you guys, I’m running for Congress, I live in the greatest country in the world. So, I’m happy.”